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URH Hoteliers is firmly committed to the law and ethical and integral conduct and has therefore adopted all the necessary protocols to ensure exemplary corporate conduct, by creating control mechanisms for effective compliance with the law in every field.

This signifies that URH Hoteliers expects not only its employees but also all the companies with which it collaborates, and especially the entire supply chain, to act at all times with integrity and in accordance with the spirit and letter of the law.

Only by doing so can we generate the trust our environment places in us, which lays the foundation for our reputation and guarantees our long-term future.

Therefore, it is essential our suppliers adhere to our ethical principles, which underpin this ethical code for suppliers.

We believe that accepting and following up this code of conduct is critical to continuing to act as a supplier of URH Hoteliers.

Code of ethics

1. Compliance with the law and current regulations

Suppliers, vis-à-vis URH Hoteliers, undertake to abide by all current laws in all their negotiations and decision-making.

2. Prohibition of corruption or bribery

All forms of corruption or bribery are prohibited and must not be committed nor tolerated. No attempt may be made to influence the other party in business relations via the exchange of gifts or the offer of other advantages. The same applies to accepting these advantages.

3. Labour law

When manufacturing its products and/or rendering its services, suppliers shall comply with current labour law and the applicable collective agreements.

Irrespective of where they operate, no child labour may be used in any of its spheres of activity and must not be tolerated. In addition, suppliers must abide by and foster compliance with international human rights. No work that has not been freely offered by a person or derives from the threat of punishment or payment of a debt shall be accepted.

Suppliers must comply with the law, the applicable collective agreements and the industry standards with regard to working hours, rest breaks and holidays.

Suppliers must remunerate their employees in accordance with the law and the collective agreements and undertake to ensure salaries are equal to or greater than the minimum legal enforceable rate or, in countries where such a minimum does not exist, the standard minimum rate for the industry which covers the basic needs of workers, including compensation for any overtime worked.

4. Protection of health and the environment

Suppliers undertake to operate while protecting workers’ health and the environment and avoiding any risk to people or the communities in which they operate and must therefore comply with all the laws on health, safety and the environment.

This guideline includes ensuring the protection of workers’ health, adopting suitable measures to prevent any form of accident or illnesses arising in the workplace, together with measures to eliminate all such risks. In the case of non-eliminable risks, suppliers shall provide workers with the necessary protective equipment.

Suppliers will, without exception, manage the company’s affairs in accordance with the laws and regulations in effect in relation to the environment and public health and will implement the best practices and techniques available on the market.

5. Workers’ rights. Freedom of association.

Suppliers shall abide by the workers’ rights to unite and create associations or unions in accordance with the local laws and to carry out collective negotiations. Employees must be free to choose their representatives.

6. Respect and Discrimination

Within their organisations, suppliers shall prohibit any discrimination due to skin colour, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, ancestry, age, disability, health, pregnancy or any other factor prohibited by the law.

This prohibition is applicable both when hiring new employees and when promoting internal personnel.

It is expressly prohibited to make the hiring or promotion of an employee contingent upon factors unrelated to their professional merits or capacity or skills for the position to be discharged.

In addition, they shall promote a policy aimed at creating a working environment where each employee is treated with dignity, respect, honesty and sensibility, and shall prohibit any persons within the organisation receiving a degrading treatment or undermining of their moral integrity.

This policy shall apply both at the facilities of the supplier and, if applicable, at those of URH Hoteliers as a client.

7. Compliance with the law on unfair competition

Suppliers must comply with all the applicable law in connection with the defence of free competition and against any unfair competition.

8. Protection of confidential information, intellectual and industrial property

Any information shared with the supplier, either that of URH Hoteliers, its clients or other suppliers, must be adequately protected and processed in a strictly confidential manner to prevent it being disclosed or falling into the hands of non-authorised third parties.

Suppliers shall take the appropriate measures to ensure that all employees who have access to the data act in a responsible manner with the confidential information and to protect it.

The intellectual and industrial property of URH Hoteliers and its clients must likewise be protected.

9. Personal Data Protection

Suppliers shall process the personal data in accordance with current law, and should the service involve access to personal data under the control of URH Hoteliers, they must first sign the mandatory data processor contract.

10. Supply Chain

Suppliers undertake to ensure that the contents of this code of conduct are implemented by their suppliers and sub-suppliers to the extent possible.

12. Management System

Suppliers shall transmit these policies and procedures to ensure compliance by all personnel.