URH Hotels

About us

We are URH Hoteliers. We came to life in a 15th-century mill that in 2006 became a characterful hotel surrounded by cereal fields and lush vegetation. And that was where everyone was left captivated by the essence of the URH concept. The mill wanted to reach out to all types of guests and we decided to set up in urban, rural and beachfront locations. We now have thirteen hotels of 3, 4 and 5 stars.

Our brand is URH Hotels, but we also work hand in hand with Hilton and Marriott hotels. Now we’d like to meet you and make sure that you remember the experience for a long time. We’re the emotions that you’ll feel on your next trip… which actually begins today. We’re already planning it. We love taking care of you, our teams and respecting the world that we live in.

Our goal is to make you feel at home in an oasis, whichever the destination you choose.

That you feel part of a family. We’re looking to create experience-packed stories under the philosophy of URH Therapy, resonant with the concept of living slowly, loving yourself and feeling cared for.

We want you to escape, lose yourself and find yourself. That’s why every day we strive to reach new destinations and continue spreading our philosophy of life: #yoURHotelsyoURHappiness.